Kristen Stewart is LESBIAN. Reason of her break-up with Robert Pattinson

kristen-stewart-lesbian-role__oPtFrom teenage girl, to a vampire then the sleeping Snow White but apparently she’s going astray….far that part of that side, she’s changing.



Kristen Stewart is reportedly changing her role and might be the reason of her split-up with Robert Pattinson, she’s freakingggg gay, Lesbian!!

tumblr_mnjli9lyfk1s1khtfo1_250Wooopsss is this true?? Relax! It’s just her new character for her new movie, Sils Maria. The film’s plot description hints at the potential on-screen lesbian relationship

“Trapped in the turmoil of her divorce, that strips her from any emotional anchoring, the only person Maria Enders (played by Juliette Binoche) speaks to is her assistant, Valentine (played by Kristen Stewart), both a handywoman and her only friend. Even though both women try to erase all the ambiguities that make up their exclusive and intimate relationship.” – PerezHilton




Celebrities Who Deny Religion and God. Famous Atheists


Marilyn Mansonp1

Bill Gatesp2

Hugh Lauriep3

James Cameronp4

Hugh Hefnerp5

Judie Fosterp6

Jack Blackp7

Emma Thompsonp8

Julianne Moorep9

Morgan Freemanp10

Keanu Reevesp11

Keira Knightleyp12

Natalie Portmanp13

Brad Pittp14

Angelina Joliep15Daniel Radcliffe



Harry Potter’s Sequel? Daniel Radcliffe as Papa Potter


Don’t put your Griffindor cloaks in storage just yet!

There is hope that Harry Potter isn’t over forever!!!!

Sure, the Harry Potter series might be done for now, but in the event that the AH-mazingly talented J.K. Rowling writes a sequel, Daniel Radcliffe would be totally down to swing his wand as Papa Potter.

Daniel said:

“No more schoolboy stuff. A cameo as Harry’s dad? That would be perfect!”

Wouldn’t that be magical??!

Hopefully J.K. is reading this and jotting down some notes? LOLz!!!

In the meantime, we’ll practice our broomstick flying skills at the Harry Potter theme park! woooshhhh




Sophia Grace and Rosie at Billboard Music Awards for Ellen Degeneres


Sophia Grace & Rosie are the best reporters of all time! They’re likeWoodward and Bernstein in little pink dresses!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to find out what happens when Ellen DeGeneres sends the budding entertainment journalists to the blue carpet of the Billboard Music Awards!

What does Miley Cyrus steal from the girls? And what does Rosie’s mom want with Miguel? How many gumballs can Hayden Panettiere fit in her mouth? and HOW big are Nicki Minaj‘s boobs? Find out here!




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Yuna’s first single in US


To be honest, I just know a few Malay singers here in Malaysia like Siti Nurhaliza of course, the icon! then, Sheila Majid, I used to sing her songs back when I was still in high school and now, Yuna. Made her debut few years ago, Yuna is now a popular singer and just released her first album ever in US. Gotta admit, she did a splendid job in bringing Malaysia to the world music map.

Her EP called Sixth Street now can be found in major music stores, I guess.


Produced by Verve Music Group she picked I Wanna Go as the first single for this album.



Let’s see what she got! and dont forget to leave your comments 😉



PRU13 – BN Gains Voters, Najib More Popular Than Anwar



The heat is coming as Malaysians are going to be voting for the 13th General Election this Sunday. There are polls and studies being held just to make it hotter, controversial. Both sides either BN or PR are campaigning with brutal max force and they are running neck and neck for the last few days before the polls.

But some studies shown that BN is in slim lead compared to PR and Najib Razak seems more popular than Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysians, go back and vote! This is very important as it is going to shape our nation’s path for the next 5 years. remember, to choose the right candidate of reliable party.

PRU-13 (1)



Screammmm For Zalora Malaysia and Rizalman Ibrahim’s New Collection


Fashionista, have you girls checked on Rizalman’s collection for new collaboration with Zalora Malaysia? They have just launched this collection of traditional wear targeted for women or Muslimah ranging from baju kurung moden, jubah and even kaftan! From what I can see, this collection offers must-have items as the dresses are drop-dead GORGEOUS!! Rizalman’s genius authentic touch has been given to his collection for a trendier and modern look.

Watch this sneak-preview video of Rizalman for Zalora 2013 –


For more information, visit Rizalman Ibrahim for Zalora 2013 New Exclusive Collection page.

Btw, Zalora Malaysia is introducing their new launched iOS Apple App for online users to keep updated with trending news and styles!

Zalora Malaysia App For iOS

ios ios1